Our Church

We invite you to join us during this season of uncertainty and although we are not meeting to worship in person right now we have plenty of ways to reach you, please click the links to find out more about our two flavours:

B@tCH Congregation

Highgate@10 Congregation

For all our concerns, God is still good, and the Lord of all, and is bringing about his kingdom through His Spirit working in and through us! Let’s be God’s people now and be in tune with the Spirit as we resist this disease, and care for those around us affected by it.
Keep praying (Philippians 4:4-8).
Reverend Geoff Skilton & Reverend Hayden Luke

Our Church Office at 580 Highgate is closed due to the COVID-19 response in New Zealand.
Contact the Parish Administrator, Sarah Frost, by email at office@highgatechurch.org.nz for any queries.

We anticipate being back in our office from the week commencing 25th May 2020.