Our Church

Welcome to Highgate  Presbyterian Church.

We have two flavours ūüôā


Highgate @10   

Highgate@10 meets at 10:15am for a tea or coffee and the service starts at 10:30am, every Sunday morning.   We met at the Coronation Hall, 5 Balmacewan  Road, Maori Hill, Dunedin. This is due to issues with the safety of our church building, which is currently unoccupied.

We run on a monthly rhythm of worship with Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Our children’s programme runs each Sunday during the school term.


B@tCH (Breakfast at the Coronation Hall)   

B@tCH meets in the Coronation Hall on Sunday mornings from 8.30am until 9.45am during school term time.  It begins with a generous shared breakfast, and this time of fellowship flows into the service, which is liturgically strong but relaxed in style.

Our mission: B@tCH, exists to serve the people of our community and to encourage them to come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our values:

  • joy in worship
  • welcoming, unpretentious worship environment
  • team ministry; active ministry of all believers
  • prayer ‚Äď public, personal and intercessory; preaching rooted in God‚Äôs word
  • community involvement and service.

Please join us!


Highgate Church Mission Statement

To enable people to meet Jesus we will live worshipfully, care for others and have the habits of faith.

Contact details
Address: 580 Highgate Dunedin, New Zealand
Email: office@highgatechurch.org.nz
Phone:  (03)4640158

Email us if you want to be put on the weekly B@tch or Highgate@10  email list.